Our Mission

To promote well-being and inspire play by sharing and advancing the flow arts in the Puget Sound region.

About Us

An emerging pillar of the flow arts community, the Seattle Flow Arts Collective formed in early 2020 to provide education, programs and workshops, advocacy, organizational capacity, and community leadership. Current and future program areas include:

  • flow arts and juggling
  • circus arts and clowning
  • movement and dance
  • fire dancing and fire safety

SFAC was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in order to fill a need in the community for expanded programming and policy advocacy for the flow arts and fire spinning community in the Puget Sound area.

Attendance at our events is open to all, regardless of experience or skill level!  Visit our calendar  to learn about when you can connect with us next.

Our Vision

We envision a community where self exploration, interpersonal connection with others, and collective and individual growth are the result of shared practice and play.

We are committed to building a world where flow arts empowers people of all backgrounds, abilities, and body types to express themselves creatively and to access the benefits of movement meditation.

We provide a space where movement meditation, or moments of clarity and inspiration, may result in new routes to individual and collective transformation.

Our Values

The Seattle Flow Arts Collective embraces the following core values in the work we do, the skills we learn, and the relationships we build:


We build a community that fosters trust, cooperation, and a sense of belonging. We honor and elevate people of all abilities, races, ethnicities, genders and socio-economic backgrounds. We share the wonder of flow arts with all who are interested and actively seek connection with groups and individuals who may benefit from practicing this art form.


Mutual respect is the bedrock of healthy relationships and healthy communities. We respect the safety and autonomy of others as well as ourselves. We joyfully seek consent.


We believe that creative play, laughter, and joy are vital parts of life–and that we need a lot more of them in the world. We spread flow arts far and wide so that everyone may have their own practice as a source of joy, fun, and play. There is no winning, losing, succeeding, or failing in flow. We cherish fun, experimentation, mistakes, and happy accidents.


Yes, failure! The process to learn, grow and change inevitably includes mistakes, and those mistakes are where the most potent learning occurs. We encourage persistence and compassion for self and others in the face of challenges and disappointments, as we recognize that we are all on a path of lifelong learning.


We practice leading by example and centering our values in all of our words and behaviors. We hold ourselves and each other accountable by actively soliciting feedback and remaining open to change. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest personal and communal, safety, environmental, and decision-making standards.


We believe that community is a vital element of well-being, and that community is healthiest when its members actively participate in its co-creation. Our community is diverse, multi-faceted, many-talented and always changing. We honor the importance of support networks, public art, public spaces, and other building blocks of a healthy arts community.