SFAC is an artist-led nonprofit organization created for the community, by the community. SFAC provides organizational and financial support for community-led projects and events. Programs such as FlowShop and our Fire Safety series were brought to life by community members who noticed an unfulfilled need in the local flow arts community. Do you have a project or idea you’d like to share? Please get in touch, join a committee, and help us make it a reality!


SFAC is primarily organized by committee. Currently, the committees and their chairs are as follows:

  • Governance Committee (Chair: Kat)
  • Marketing Committee (Chair: Arlene)
  • Finance/Development Committee (Chair: Zac)
  • Program Committee (Chair: Arlene)
  • Fire Committee (Chair: Desert)

Unless otherwise noted, SFAC meetings (committees, projects, board meetings) are open to the public, and publicized via our shared meetings calendar. If you’d like to join, email to receive video meeting details.

Board of Directors

The members of the SFAC Board of Directors are community leaders entrusted with steering the organization as a whole in the right direction. Board members provide oversight of SFAC’s programs, operations, finances, and staffing, and are also deeply involved in fundraising. The SFAC Board of Directors is a working board; all committees are chaired by board members. Board members are responsible for organizing and driving the development of SFAC programs and projects.


Seattle Flow Arts Collective is governed by our Bylaws, our Bylaws are published here.