And we’re live — Welcome to the Seattle Flow Arts Collective blog!

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We’re so glad you’re here for our very first blog post, and we hope to keep you coming back for more.

A little bit about us!

Seattle Flow Arts Collective (SFAC for short!) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in January, 2020 by a small team of community members who sought to support the greater flow arts community in Seattle. Our mission is to inspire play and promote well-being by sharing and advancing the flow arts in the Puget Sound region.

So far, we’ve mostly accomplished this by providing infrastructure and support for Seattle’s two most prominent flow arts community gatherings, Seattle Spin Jam and FlowShop, but we’re dreaming big as we look toward the future! In the coming years, we’ll be developing programs to inspire the next thousand flow journeys by teaching in schools and after-school programs, helping to support more performances and showcases, and reestablishing a communal practice space for fire dancing.

You can read more about our Vision and Values. The long and short of it is: Every person involved in this organization has had their lives changed significantly for the better by practicing flow arts, and we want to share that with as many people as possible. If you already practice flow arts, this feeling likely resonates with you. If you don’t, you’re invited to come play, and learn for yourself.

A little bit about our blog!

We’ll be using this space to highlight community artists and projects, share important SFAC news and updates, offer a behind the scenes look at how we make the magic happen in an organization like this, and to ponder the life lessons and philosophical questions we explore through flow arts.

It’s new! (Oooohh) It’s shiny! (Ahhh) And it’s one of the ways we hope to contribute to both the local Seattle and global flow arts communities.

What you can expect to see:

  • Featured artists and community projects
  • SFAC program updates
  • Community news, from Seattle and beyond
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Guest posts and interviews
  • Philosophical discussions about the lessons and benefits of practicing flow arts

What do you do now?

Practice! Preferably with us - visit our event calendar.

But before you do that, take a moment to keep in touch. You can sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and our pilot program, FlowShop, lives on Instagram.

Is there something specific you want to see featured on the SFAC blog? Let us know, or better yet, write your own! If you have an idea or a blog that you’d like to share with our team, send an email to

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