SFAC Board Meeting Recap – January 23, 2021

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Hello folks!

Part of being a nonprofit organization is having regular, public board meetings. The Board of Directors meets several times a year to check in on how things are going, get approval for new projects and key decisions, and celebrate our successes as an arts organization. In order to share these updates more widely, the Board is taking steps to post our meeting minutes and video recordings online. These resources are now available for our January 23, 2021 meeting!
SFAC Board Meeting – Video Recording – January 23, 2021 (YouTube)
SFAC Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2021

Read on for a quick summary of what’s new! Want to learn more? Read the meeting notes above, or reach out to us at <hello@seattleflowarts.org>
Meeting Highlights

We announced the upcoming Community Town Hall! The date has been set for February 20, 2021 from 11-1pm PST. We invite you to come share your ideas with the community, hear about new projects that are underway, and ask questions. Check out the Town Hall event page to register ahead of time. Hope to see you there! (But, if you can’t come, we will be posting a recording to YouTube later.)
We elected a new board member, Tuck (a.k.a Justin Kjolseth)! Tuck (pronouns: they/them) has a professional background in legal and governance matters, and they are excited to use these skills to strengthen the local flow arts community. Tuck started getting into the flow arts in 2018 and their primary prop is the leviwand.  Tuck’s initial committee assignments are the Governance Committee and the Program Committee. We are so happy to have Tuck on board, and are looking forward to working together with them on SFAC projects!

We set the board meeting times for the remainder of 2021. Instead of 4 regular meetings, there will be 6 regular meetings in 2021. The remaining board meetings are as follows:
March 20 @ 10am PST
May 15 @ 10am PST
July 10 @ 10am PST
October 4 @ 10am PST
November 20 @ 10am PST

If you’d like to add board meetings to your calendar, you can do that! The SFAC Public Meetings calendar is on Google Calendar and is populated with all scheduled committee meetings and board meetings. To add this calendar to your Google account, click the + button in the corner on the calendar page. Use a different calendar app? You’ll want the iCal invitation instead.

We established Development and Program committees.
Kat Plimpton, SFAC Secretary and board member, is chair of the Development Committee. Committee members have already started to find and apply for grants to fund our upcoming programs. Washington GiveBIG is coming up in a few months, so we are preparing for Seattle Flow Arts Collective to take part in this nonprofit fundraising event as well!

Arlene Smith, SFAC Vice President and board member, is chair of the Program Committee. Committee members are busy developing new outreach programs that we plan to bring to under-circused communities in the Seattle area. We are also looking to develop online and in-person programs for kids. You can learn more about our plans in the End of 2020 Update previously on the blog.

We created a hiring committee to prepare for a part-time Executive Director (ED) position. Per the current budget, the part-time position is 10-15 hours per week until we are able to find more funding. The hiring committee will produce a job description and offer letter and seek approval from the board to proceed. This is an exciting step that will provide long-term and sustainable leadership to the flow arts community.

Wow–that’s a lot of news for January. It’s been two weeks since the board meeting, and there are already things on the agenda for next meeting. I look forward to all the wonderful things that will happen before our next update in late March!

Until next time,

BJ Burg (they/them)
President, Chair of the Board
Seattle Flow Arts Collective

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