SFAC Board Meeting – May 15, 2021

Desert Black Board Meeting

6/21 UPDATE:

Things have been busy, and we have been slow in uploading for this meeting. Please find the resources for the board meeting below:
May 15, 2021 Board Meeting – Board Meeting Agenda
May 15, 2021 Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2021 Board Meeting – Video Recording


Hello folks!

Part of being a nonprofit organization is having regular, public board meetings. The Board of Directors meets several times a year to check in on how things are going, get approval for new projects and key decisions, and celebrate our successes as an arts organization. In order to share these updates more widely, the Board is taking steps to post our meeting minutes and video recordings online.


You can find the link to the agenda and Zoom room on the event page for the upcoming board meeting. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we will post a video recording, blog summary, and meeting minutes when they are available.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us prior to the meeting at <hello@seattleflowarts.org>.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, BJ Burg (they/them)Chair of the Board of Directors
Seattle Flow Arts Collective